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11/14 Studies!

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ok everyone, gonna be quick here! I’m heading to bed now but before I go… Heres the work we’ll be covering tomorrow!

Hope you dedicated dudes have been working on your free time!

We’re going to take the following photos and bring them into photoshop(or print them opaque… maybe 40-50% opacity and draw the muscle structure on top.) and draw the muscles over the photos. First thing we’ll do is totally ref Loomis then we’ll move into taking one and constructing the muscles from our memories!

(click to enlarge)

Reffing this page and the pages after from Loomis Figure Drawing for All its worth!

We’ll be working like this –

If you don’t feel ready to work on this exercise yet then continue on with the loomis figure drawings from the first stream and the Loomis heads.

See you all tomorrow!

11/13 Studies!

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Ok everybody, tomorrow we’re gonna do some Loomis heads! Hopefully you guys already downloaded it, if not click the link below –

Download Drawing the Head and Hands

We’ll be covering the following pages working on step by step construction. If you can and have time I strongly suggest reading the material under his drawings. Feel free to try a couple tonight and read the material :).

Another thing – Don’t just let today’s studies die there. You’re going to want to do that figure a lot more whenever you can. Keep on pushing the for better structure and do more from imagination like we did. this doesn’t mean you have to follow the simple standing still figure we covered… Just make sure you’re working out the proportions the same way and it’ll all be good.

Pages we’ll be covering(click to enlarge) –

I’m really looking forward to another session! Just stay with me and we’ll all be awesome. Post you finished work in the Sketchbook(click). Directions on how to post are in the post below this.

See you all tomorrow! and keep on going with those Loomis bodies!

All Hail the Crimson Daggers!


We did it. Together. You and I.

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Fellow Daggers!

You have really surprised me this morning and for that I’m totally grateful! I didn’t expect such an awesome turnout and to really see all of you trying is so awesome! If you can make time for this everyday you’ll see yourself grow as an artist immensely! I really truly believe everyone of you can be everything you want to be if only you sit down and focus. When we’re all together pushing for the same goal and can see each other improve day by day you’ll see what I mean. I see a bright future for the Crimson Daggers!

Everybody please follow the Crimson Dagger’s progress here on ConceptArt’s Sketchbook section! – Crimson Daggers Sketchbook!

In order to post on the Crimson Daggers Sketchbook link above this is what you gotta do –

-create a username then return to the sketchbook link!

-scroll to the bottom of the sketchbook page

-click ‘go advanced‘ under the reply window

-type you message

– click ‘manage attachments’ below the box under additional options

-choose your jpg file of your study, enter all your information(including all category options)


-submit reply!

I plan on doing these daily every morning from now on unless I post on here stating otherwise… but that doesn’t mean you shouldnt do them on your own if something crazy does come up! The point is to get the discipline to move forward and really help yourself! I’m really looking forward to the progress we make together!

So join me here(click) every morning @ 9am EST!

One last thing before tomorrow!

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I really look forward to starting and seeing everybody there… but in the meantime to put this whole venture in perspective I’ll leave you with two clips from Vision Quest that I really loved

Its important to partake in this for yourselves as artists. I really hope everyone takes this seriously so we can all get better :)!

Crimson Daggers! We Start tomorrow!

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Fellow Daggers,

Most of you have already recieved the mailing I sent out about the Stream tomorrow morning… But just to get it out there I want ALL of you to know that it begins tomorrow morning 9am EST! This will run for an hour or so. We’re going to be tackling Loomis. As the streams go on we’ll move onto other subject matter… But we’re gonna be strict with ourselves and we’re all going to become great!

Also those of you with yahoo email addresses – I cannot send you mass mailings as they get denied. Forward me a gmail account if possible to my email –

See you all tomorrow morning!

Crimson Dagger Stream Link!

Click here and download – Loomis figure drawing for all its worth!

Stop Wasting Time.

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I wanna be somebody! Be somebody too!

Soon to come we’ll all be waking up early or whenever you’re around… 9am EST! On my LiveStream we’ll all do Andrew Loomis Figure drawing studies and we’ll all improve and move forward. Closer to what we really want to achieve in all our works!

If you don’t follow your dreams and work hard at them then what the helllll are you doiiinn? Together we’ll ride the crimson thunder all the way into our wildest dreams :O.